Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Other than being a snappy and alliterative tag line, I'm afraid "The Celtic Connection" means absolutely nothing concrete whatsoever in the context of this blog. My apologies. 

Except...I'm "broadcasting" from Cornwall in the United kingdom, a region (some would venture country) within Great Britain which constitutes one of the "Celtic fringes", i.e. when the Romans invaded they found the Celts here and to some extent the culture and religious practices of these indigenous  peoples remained intact through years of invasion and assimilation. It's also a great mechanism for selling tat to tourists (or "emits", as they are pejoratively known in the local argot). 


...And the Pilgrim Fathers (the ones who landed on Plymouth Rock or landed it on others, depending on your perspective) sailed from Plymouth, which is in Devon,  admittedly,  but about 5 miles from the Cornish border. And UMW is in America right?! Pow!! I don't need 6 degrees, Kevin Bacon, I can do it in 2.

Actually, I have one degree, and am approx. 3/4 of the way through my Masters of Arts in Education at Plymouth University.  I work as an eLearning/TEL advisor for a UK government funded (presently!) agency which supports the development of Technology Enhanced Learning in the post-compulsory educational milieu. Shamingly, I know nothing like as much about MOOC's and have never participated in one, and DS106 coms highly recommended from several sagacious types, so I thought Id have a look. I'd like to join in and contribute as much as I can given the regular constraints (day job, family, y'know...), if you'll have me...